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4 Strange Heater Sounds [And Their Causes]

A winter cold front has just blown into Boerne and all you want to do is stay warm and cozy in your home — except there’s a weird sound coming from your heater! Will the noise stop on its own? Is something broken? What should you do?

KCA Services has the expertise you need to turn a stressful heater sound into a quick furnace repair in Boerne. Heater noises are common, but they should never be ignored. If you want to limit the damage to your unit and get back that peaceful quiet in your home, give us a call today!

One: Squealing

The kind of high-pitched sound we’re talking about is usually hard to miss. If you hear squealing when your furnace or heater is running, don’t discount it! There are a number of moving parts like belts and joints that could be the source of the noise. While they may just need lubrication or adjustment to ensure they aren’t rubbing against each other or have grime built up, it’s important they are tended to. Long-term deterioration of these parts can lead to even bigger repairs.

In the worst-case scenario, you may have to get parts replaced within the system or even end up shortening the lifespan of your unit! Avoid all these consequences and simply contact a professional to help get your system back on track!

Two: Loud Banging

Sometimes, if your ductwork is installed incorrectly or mis-sized, you might experience loud banging as the air moves through the ducts. This kind of miscalculation can be amended, and it’s not necessarily dangerous.

However, if you only hear a loud bang when the furnace is starting up, you have a different problem — specifically if you have a gas furnace. A seemingly small problem like a dirty furnace burner can have big implications. For example, when a furnace burner is dirty, the ignition process can turn into a mini-explosion inside the combustion chamber. While this isn’t an imminent threat to your home, it does put a strain on the heat exchanger that houses the combustion chamber. Over time, cracks can form in the heat exchanger, exposing your home to deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Three: Metal On Metal

When metal is moving against metal, a unique scraping sound can be heard. If you ever suspect that metal is scraping metal inside your heating system, you’re probably hearing exactly what it sounds like. If the motor mount comes loose from its casing, you could hear it scraping together. There are also many other metal components that can come loose. The damage that a piece of loose metal can cause inside the system is extensive. If not caught and repaired, it could even cause total system failure!

Four: Rumbling

The most common rumbling sound you will hear is the air moving through the vents to your home. This is normal. However, after your heater shuts off, continued rumbling spells trouble. If there is leftover fuel in the combustion chamber, it will rumble as it burns. This can be dangerous because higher levels of carbon monoxide can enter your home. Shut off your system and get the help of an expert to ensure your home is safe.

Professional Boerne Heater Repair

When you work with KCA Services, you get both highly technical skills and top-tier professionalism. We believe in providing customer service that can’t be beaten, and we prove it every day by paying attention to detail. Ready for heater repairs that last? Call on our team today!

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