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Faucet Services in Boerne

The faucet fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom help to create the look that you want in your home.  However, over time parts wear out and leaky faucets develop. Since any replacement in your home can be expensive, it makes sense to repair your faucets when you can.

KCA Services works with the licensed professionals at Denny Plumbing to evaluate your faucets and determine the type of faucet repair necessary. Sometimes an inexpensive repair can vastly prolong the life of your faucet model. Other times, a full faucet replacement is necessary. We’re here to help you decide when the time is right for each solution.

Faucet Repair

First of all, you may not know when your faucet needs repair. These are several of the most common faucet problems in Boerne that indicate a repair is needed:

  • Water Pressure – If your water pressure is low coming from your faucet, it can be difficult to get full use out of it. One common solution to this problem is to clean the aerator. The aerator is just a fancy word for the tip of your sink faucet. IT usually can be unscrewed and inspected for cloggs or buildup. If you do see a blockage, a toothbrush and some vinegar might clear it right up. If it doesn’t, you may need to call a plumber.
  • Water Temperature – Sometimes hot water fails to reach your sink, posing a health risk if you can’t wash or cleanse dishes with water that will kill bacteria. The first suspect to rule out should be your water heater. If your water heater is functioning normally to bring hot water to other areas of your home, you should call a plumber. They will be able to identify which parts in your plumbing system have failed to deliver hot water.
  • Water Quality – It is possible for rust to form on the inside or outside of your faucet. The metal faucet is exposed to both moisture and oxygen, causing this reaction. If this happens, rust can easily make its way into your water. If you notice rust on the outside of your faucet or discolored water coming out of it, avoid this health risk and contact a plumber to either repair or replace your faucet. 
  • Leaks – If your faucet is leaking, one of the most common sources is a worn out O-ring. O-rings are used in the base of your faucet where the metal connects with the water pipes. If any of these O-rings wear out, a leak can occur. While leaks can be fixed by homeowners, if you’re uncomfortable with identifying or replacing the broken part, contact a plumber. They can worry about fixing the leak so you don’t have to!

Faucet Replacement

If you need to replace a broken faucet or simply wish to update the look in your kitchen or bathroom, KCA Services makes faucet replacement easy. We can even install a faucet that you have purchased on your own, or we can provide the faucet. We allow you the ease of picking your faucet from the comfort of your home in Boerne, and we offer a range of pricing and styles to fit everyone’s needs and tastes.

Boerne Faucet Services

KCA Services can make your faucet repair or installation a breeze. We guarantee our professional expertise will make your Boerne plumbing experience out of this world. To get your faucets back in working order or looking just how you dreamed, contact us today!

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Amazing Team!

Both Joseph and Josh were amazing in getting my heating system working again. It took some time with pieces and parts but they were persistent and it finally worked! A great team both in the field and in the office. Appreciate the warranty support. You couldn’t ask for more

Rives T.

Prompt and Professional

KCA did a great job for us. They were prompt and professional when they came to bid. Started and ended the project on time with excellent craftsmanship. Highly recommend KCA!!

Rob R.

Very Impressed!

Very impressed with this company. Courteous, professional, and maintained a clean work area while cleaning our ducts. The two gentlemen that came out to do the work represented their company very well!. I would highly recommend this company.

Tim B.