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Attic Insulation

Blown in insulation.

If your home’s energy bills continue to remain high throughout the year despite your steps of improving your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, it may be time to consider your attic’s insulation. At KCA SERVICES, we regularly see the pronounced difference upgraded and/or additional attic insulation can make to a home’s energy costs, as well as a higher degree of comfort throughout your home.

How to Know If Your Attic Needs an Insulation Upgrade

Your attic’s insulation may not be adequately insulating your Texas home. Depending on how old your home is, correcting the amount of insulation in your attic could save you anywhere from 20 to 45 percent on your energy bills.

The most accurate way of knowing whether you could benefit from an attic insulation upgrade or not is to schedule a visit from our Comfort Specialists. We will conduct a full assessment to ascertain if you currently have sufficient insulation.

Some of the questions our professionals will pose to you are whether you have any hot or cold rooms throughout the year, which rooms feel inefficient or drafty, whether or not anyone has performed an insulation retrofit on your home since being built, and the year your home was built. Your answers will give our insulation experts guidance as to the necessity of an upgrade.

Blown-In Insulation

Our Comfort Specialists prefer working with blown-in insulation. It is constructed of high-quality and energy-efficient materials, creating substantial savings in your energy bills. Because it is a loose-fill insulation, blown in without any of the seams found in batts, we find it performs much better than batts insulation with an identical R-value. We have also had feedback that many of our customers claim a high degree of soundproofing with blown-in insulation.


An R-value is a rating system for insulation. It is the amount of time it takes heat to radiate through a material. If your insulation is rated with an R-38 R-value, this means it takes approximately 38 minutes for heat to radiate through that insulation. Keep in mind that, unfortunately, R-values do not consider air leakage in their ratings. Our professionals will evaluate your attic and your home’s current energy leakage to dictate the necessary R-value needed for your home.

Upgrading Insulation Benefits

Without the proper attic insulation, you can waste a lot of energy and money, as well as never achieve the optimum comfort levels in your home you want. Upgrading to what you actually require, rather than what you assume your home needs, will generate benefits for you. Some of the benefits you may realize after our insulation experts finish insulating your attic are fewer attic drafts and leaks, healthier indoor air, and increased energy efficiency. You will feel greater levels of cooling in the hotter months and greater levels of heating in the cooler months.

Let’s Talk Insulation

Call our KCA SERVICES Comfort Specialists at 210-698-8520 to discuss how we can help you experience the benefits of an attic insulation upgrade.

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