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5 Tips to Maximize HVAC Energy Efficiency This Summer 

July 19, 2021 | Blog

Summer is in full swing, and it can seem difficult to keep your home cool and comfortable for cheap. Fixing AC problems may seem impossible without breaking your wallet, but KCA Services has free, daily tips you can use to not only conserve energy but money, as well.

Window Cover Installation

Window coverings can help reduce the amount of heat that enters your home on a daily basis. To be exact, 76% of the light that enters through your windows becomes heat and makes your HVAC system work overtime. Interior window treatments, such as your average blind, shade, curtain and drape, allow owners to choose when to let the sun in their home. The best way to be energy efficient with interior window treatments is to never open them when hit by direct sunlight. Exterior window treatments could also be beneficial, which include shutters, shades, awnings and solar window screens. All of these solutions ensure comfort during summer and also make your home more energy-efficient and lower that pesky utility bill.

Monitor Your Thermostat

This may seem tedious – especially if you do not have a thermostat that can be easily changed from your phone – but is a great way to save energy. Keeping your thermostat and the outside temperature as close as possible while also being comfortable can save your wallet. When away from your home for an extended period of time, turn your thermostat up so it is not working overtime when nobody is there.

Use Fans and Ventilation Strategies

Turning off fans while not in a room will save energy because they will not only cool down a whole house. Instead, they simply provide a cool air effect for that room. Rooms that experience high humidity could benefit from a ventilation system that filters air to the outside in order to avoid trapping warm air inside.

Pay Attention to Placement of Furniture

In order to not block the cool air from circulating your home, avoid placing any furniture like lamps, couches, chairs and TVs on top of a vent. Keeping vents clean and vacuumed is an efficient way to help consistent airflow to your home.

Use Your Appliances Wisely

The main source of energy used in a home is either lights or AC units, so choosing light appliances that operate at cooler temperatures could be beneficial. Switching all possible lightbulbs in your home to LED products is more energy and cost-efficient. Using appliances like a dishwasher and washer/dryer is inevitable, but only running them when they are full is the most efficient way to use them in order to not waste any water or power. Another easy way to ensure proper airflow is to frequently clean or replace air filters throughout your home.

Keep Hot Air Out

Ensuring there aren’t any cracks letting hot air into your home could easily decrease a utility bill. Adding caulk or weatherstripping to any doors and windows can ensure your house is sealed air-tight from the outdoor heat.

Making energy-conscious strides to save the planet and lowering your energy bill may seem daunting at first. A good start would be contacting KCA Services today to schedule an AC tune-up and help you make any necessary repairs to conserve your cool, comfortable house.

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