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Does My Drain Clog Require A Plumber?

May 23, 2022 | Blog

Clogged drains are inevitable, but where does the line stop between a DIY fix and calling for professional help? Drain cleaning services to remove these nasty clogs are offered by Denny Plumbing. However, before you pick up the phone, try addressing the issue yourself by following the how-to below, determining from there when it’s best to call a professional.

Fixing Clogs Without A Plumber

Minor drain and toilet clogs can sometimes be fixed without a plumber. Follow the advice below to learn how to do so yourself and save a few extra buck:

Drain Clogs

Remove Clog Manually

Manual removal is the first method that should be attempted when removing drain clogs. While it sounds disgusting, this method is actually both easy and effective.
To remove a clog manually, put on gloves and attempt to pull out the clog by hand. Upon removal, simply discard the clog, which could include pieces of old food, hair, and dirt.

Use Boiling Water or Bio-Cleaning

Boiling Water

When poured into pipes, the force and heat of boiling water will dislodge any clogs. Before doing this, however, it’s important to check with a technician on what type of pipes you have. The boiling water method is safe for metal pipes, but not PVCs, or polyvinyl chloride, pipes.


If you have PVC pipes, bio-cleaning products can be used when attempting to remove any clogs. While chemical cleaners such as Drano might sound like a quick, easy solution, repeatedly using chemical-based products can lead to pipe damage. Additionally, chemical cleaners only shrink blockages, whereas the goal is complete removal.

Bio-Cleaning is a PVC-safe, enzyme-based alternative to chemical cleaners. By dissolving PVC clogs without flooding pipes with potentially corrosive materials, bio-cleaners are a better alternative to their chemical-based counterparts.

Remove The U-Shaped Pipe

Sink clogs can often be unclogged by removing the U-shaped pipe found that can be found in the cabinet under the sink. After removing the pipe, apply gloves and attempt to push out any blockages. Make sure to have a bucket on standby to catch any falling liquid and, after removing the clog, put the pipe back in place.

Toilet Clogs

For toilet clogs, the best solution is to use both a plunger and an auger. Plungers work to loosen clogs and augers break up any blockages. By using the two tools together, most toilet clogs will be eliminated.

When Is A Plumber Needed?

If none of the above methods work, or they have, somehow, made the clog worse, then professional help is going to be necessary. Numerous different drain problems can often be fixed by simple drain cleaning services.

What Drain Cleaning Services Are Offered?

To remove severe blockages, plumbers will often use a motorized auger, which is probably better than a hand one, or a hydro-jetter.

What Requires Further Investigation?

Drain clogs could also be a symptom of a more serious issue, a scenario that can often be determined by a professional. Below are some problems that might require further investigation:

  • There are multiple drain clogs throughout your home or your drains repeatedly clog after treatment your home may have an extensive piping issue.
  • A blockage is accompanied by the stench of sewage you may have to schedule a sewer line inspection.
  • Your plunger and auger don’t unblock a toilet removing the clog may require more powerful tools or toilet repairs.

Clogged Drain? No Pressure – We’ve Got Your Back!

Tired of clogged drains and can’t figure out how to fix them? Notice anything that would require drain cleaning services or further investigation? Schedule an appointment with Denny Plumbing today and have your pipes and drains cleared and your questions answered.

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