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What's Included In An HVAC Tune-Up?

June 16, 2022 | Blog

Heating and cooling are household necessities, especially in Texas! Having seasonal HVAC tune-ups allows your system to function at peak performance. It also eliminates any potential problems from occurring.

The team at KCA Services is well-versed in preventative maintenance for your HVAC system. Read ahead to learn what a standard heating and cooling tune-up includes!

What Is An HVAC Tune-Up?

A tune-up is more than a brief look at your system. A professional will inspect your heating and cooling units to ensure they are correctly functioning. Professional HVAC services can help fix problems found during a tune-up.

A tune-up takes around an hour to perform. This small timeframe can prevent future issues within your heating and cooling system.

Services In an HVAC Tune-Up

Cleaning Condensor and Evaporator Coils

Professional technicians will clean dirt, dust, and other debris from your system’s coils. When these items accumulate, they can cause wear and tear on your structure. Additionally, it can prevent your unit from adequately heating and cooling your home.

Replacing Air Filter

During an inspection, the air filter is replaced in your unit. Filters help catch pollutive particulate, which can be harmful in excessive amounts. Changing the filter maintains proper airflow and good indoor air quality.

Assessing Electric Connections

A technician will check for loose electrical connections to ensure there are no issues. A professional will also inspect the voltage and amperes in your system.

Inspecting Coolant Levels

Technicians will measure the coolant levels in your system. If a unit is not blowing cold air, they will add coolant to correct the problem.

Examining Blower Components

The blower motor is essential for heating and cooling. Professionals will examine the blower motor and clean it of any buildup. Cleaning helps the air circulation in your home. It also helps in maintaining good indoor air quality.

Lubricating Moving Parts

Your HVAC system is made up of many parts. Occasionally, friction can keep components of your heating and cooling systems from functioning. Lubricating parts can help elongate your system’s lifespan and prevent repairs in the future.

Going the Extra Mile

KCA Services is here to help with any Boerne HVAC maintenance. Our company offers additional services for heating and cooling tune-ups. We strive to make your system function at peak performance.

Protective Coating Application

A protective coating can prevent corrosion from occurring in your HVAC system. Protective coatings help preserve your structure’s fans, pipes, and other crucial components.

KCA Services applies protective coatings to your system when performing maintenance.

Condensate Drain Cleaning

Occasionally, your unit’s condensate drain can clog. The drain prevents excess moisture and humidity from forming in your home. KCA Services cleans your condensate drain line during your seasonal HVAC tune-up.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance

Routine tune-ups can lead to many advantages. A few benefits of routine inspections are:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Energy efficiency
  • Longer unit lifespan
  • Even household cooling
  • Lower rate of damages

It is crucial to take care of your unit. The benefits of HVAC tune-ups outweigh the issues that can occur without regular maintenance.

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