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What's The Importance of Indoor Air Quality?

March 29, 2022 | Blog

According to the EPA, people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, where pollutants are often higher than outdoors. So, with all the time we spend in our homes, wouldn’t we want the air to be as clean as possible?

Our team at KCA Services wants to ensure you and your family are breathing the best air possible. Throughout this blog, we want to explain the importance of indoor air quality. As well as give homeowners some tips on how to tell if you have poor IAQ.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can affect our health. When we breathe air free of pollutants, we can expect to live longer, healthier lives. For your health and protection, you must be aware of poor air quality and the health issues of poor IAQ.

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

If you notice these signs in your home, call us to schedule IAQ testing. Our team is equipped to test multiple pollutants to help you get your home’s air quality to its best. You can buy testing kits at your local hardware store, but these will only test for a few pollutants.

Dust Buildup

Be sure to check your air filters at least twice a week. If you notice dust build-up around air filters and vents, this can signify that there are pollutants in your air. Staying on top of changing your air filters will significantly improve your home’s air quality.

Regularly cleaning your home is vital to keeping dust build-up to a minimum. Many air pollutants will make your carpets, drapes and bedding a home. If you have pets in your home, who are prone to shedding, investing in an air purifier may be ideal. These machines can significantly increase the overall air quality in your home.

Uneven Heating and Cooling in Your Home

If you begin to notice your home has hot and cold spots throughout, this may be a sign that something is blocking your AC unit’s ductwork. Buildup in your unit can cause it to provide uneven service to your home and overheat and completely shut off. Uneven heating and cooling may also signify that your HVAC unit is not the correct size for your home. If you are experiencing uneven heating and cooling in your home, give us a call to solve the issue.

Unpleasant Odor

An unpleasant odor in your home may signify that your air is polluted. Unpleasant smells can occur when air pollutants block your home’s air circulation. If you notice scents lingering longer than they should, this could be a potential sign of poor IAQ.

Health Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

As well as noticing signs around your home, your overall health can also be a sign of poor indoor air quality. Some of the top pollutants in the San Antonio area are:

  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Animal dander and droppings
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Household products and pesticides

These air pollutants can cause many different health issues. It can be easier to spot when your home has poor indoor air quality when you know what to look for. Some health issues that poor IAQ can cause are:

  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Throat and nasal illnesses, scratchy throat
  • Complications for lung and heart conditions
  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Moderate to severe allergic reactions (mold, mildew)
  • Asthma complications
  • Cancer
  • Fatigue

If you are experiencing any of the more severe effects of poor IAQ, it is best to seek professional medical help as some issues can become dangerous.

Things You Can Do to Prevent Poor IAQ

Many homeowners want to know what they can do to prevent poor indoor air quality. Your family’s safety is our number one priority, which is why we want to leave you with a few tips on how to improve your indoor air quality.

Cleaning Your Home’s Air Ducts

Our company can provide you with the best air duct cleaning service around town. Clean ducts will provide you with cleaner air. Scheduling your cleaning service is the first step in improving your home’s air quality.

Utilize Air Purifiers

If you are searching for an air purifier that is silent and will clean 100% of your home, you should consider the UVPhotoMAX. This device is the highest-quality UV-light air purifier on the market. This air purifier is the perfect solution if you are looking for a way to improve your home’s air quality quickly. Our team is equipped and ready to install this air purifier into your HVAC system.

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Indoor air quality is so essential to your livelihood. All homeowners must be on top of ensuring their IAQ is the best. If you are concerned about your home’s indoor air quality in the Borne, San Antonio area, give our team at KCA Services a call!

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