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Are High-Efficiency Furnaces Worth It?

If you’re facing the choice of upgrading your furnace to a more efficient system or perhaps investing in a similar kind of furnace for your heater installation, then you probably have a lot of questions. Primarily, these high-efficiency furnaces look really great on paper, but are they really worth it in the long run?

KCA Services is here to serve the Boerne area with the heating solutions you need to keep your home warm and efficient. That means we provide honest answers to your questions, not lies to get you to spend money. Keep reading to find out more about furnace efficiency and if a high-efficiency furnace is right for you!

What Is Furnace Efficiency?

A furnace heats the home by using gas or electricity to warm your air. During the heating process, some energy is lost. This basically means that the energy your furnace uses is split between creating heat and waste. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating measures just how much energy the furnace wastes and heats.

Furnaces installed more than 20 years ago were only required to have a 60% efficiency rate, wasting 40% of the energy used. With furnace developments over time, the Department of Energy has raised the minimum AFUE rating to 80%. This means an older furnace that is being replaced is almost guaranteed to perform up to 20% more efficiently in your home.

Advantages of High-Efficiency Furnaces

As the name suggests, high-efficiency furnaces are especially good at limiting energy waste. While mid-efficiency furnaces rest around 80 – 85% efficiency, high-efficiency furnaces start at 90% efficiency. The most efficient furnaces even claim 98.5% efficiency! 

If you’re looking for a furnace that is designed to produce as little energy waste as possible, a high-efficiency furnace might be the right fit for you. When your heater makes use of nearly all the energy it consumes, you’re likely to see some of these benefits:

  • Precise comfort
  • Lower energy bills
  • Lower operational furnace costs
  • Long-term savings
  • Better indoor air quality

Since your HVAC system is responsible for over half of your home’s energy consumption, an upgrade to better efficiency can definitely make an impact. If you have more questions, KCA is always happy to help!

Disadvantages of High-Efficiency Furnaces

Like any appliance in your energy-efficient home, there are pros and cons to investing in a specialty system. The top disadvantage of investing in this kind of system is the expense upfront. Because a high-efficiency system does its job better, it costs more to purchase in the beginning. These systems often save so much money over time that homeowners are pleased by the return on investment. 

An important factor to take into account is the climate we live in. For example, a home in the north probably uses its heater far more often than a home in the south. This means the more the heater is used throughout the year, the faster the homeowners will see the return on investment or operational savings.

Are You Interested In An Upgrade?

KCA Services is here to serve you. If you think a high-efficiency furnace is what your home needs, work with a dedicated team of installers to make the process flow smoothly. Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction are unparalleled. Contact us today to start seeing a difference in your home!

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