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What's That Burning Smell From My Heater?

When the first cold front of the year hits Boerne, you probably feel relieved that you don’t have to crank your AC anymore. However, even Texas winters can get quite chilly, and you might want to use your heater. Have you ever smelt a burning smell when you turn your heater on? What is it, and is it dangerous?

KCA Services is here to reveal the true cause behind the smell of burning after your heater is turned on. We also want to point out some odors that can be very dangerous and require the help of an expert local heater company!

Furnace Burning Smells

The most common presentation of a burning odor occurs when you first turn on your heater for the winter. Especially here in Texas, our heaters go untouched for the majority of the year. This allows particles like dust to collect inside the system over time. When you suddenly turn on the heater, that dust actually burns off. This can cause that burning smell that you notice. It’s important to note that this odor should fade within a couple of hours. If the smell persists, it’s best to shut down the system and call a professional.

Dangerous Heater Odors

There are some other scents that could indicate a need for Boerne furnace repair. Any smell at all besides the short-lived burning smell mentioned above should be taken seriously!

Fire or Melting Smell

Yes, burning dust is a common and relatively safe smell. However, if you are smelling a strong scent of smoke, fire or melting materials, it’s important to shut down the system right away. There are electrical components inside the system that can short out as well as motors and fans that could be burning out. You certainly don’t want to ignore it and cause more damage to the unit or even a fire!

Heater Smells Musty

Another word for mustiness is that slightly sour odor that accompanies mold. Mold thrives anywhere there is moisture, including inside your AC and air ducts. If you notice a persistent musty or moldy smell, you could have mold growing. Long-term exposure to mold can have serious effects on your health, so it’s best to have a professional clean out the system. Even one mold spore can regrow an entire colony!

Skunk Smell

If your heater or furnace is powered by gas, it’s especially important to be aware of odors. While natural gas has no scent, manufacturers insert a chemical into it that smells pungent — like a skunk. If you start smelling a strong skunk smell coming from your vents, you could have a gas leak. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous, and you should leave the area immediately before calling emergency services.

Rotten Odors

It’s also very common for critters like insects and rodents to travel through your air ducts. If one of these uninvited guests gets stuck or dies inside the air ducts, the smell of the carcass can enter your home. If you can locate the source of the rotting smell, removing it usually solves the problem. However, this might require cameras or other equipment to quickly remove the body and the smell. A professional team can help!

The KCA Way

If you’re ever in need of heater repair services, you don’t have time to suffer through foul odors. That’s why the team at KCA works quickly and provides long-term solutions to your heater smell issues. Give us a call today to start your service request!

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