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Heat Pumps

Close up of an air conditioner.

Here in Texas, heat pumps are perfectly suited for both heating and cooling your home. With everything these efficient systems have to offer, our KCA SERVICES Comfort Specialists are repairing, installing, and maintaining more heat pumps than ever.

Our professionals continually work hard to remain in front of the newest technology and techniques around these flexible systems. Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer service while providing you with a high level of comfort in your Texas home.

How Heat Pumps Are Different

In purpose, heat pumps are similar to furnaces and air conditioners in that they heat and cool your home. In design, however, heat pumps are very different from furnaces, though the same as air conditioners.

To heat your home, furnaces create their own heat by burning gas, oil, or electricity. By contrast, heat pumps don’t create heat. They extract and then transfer it from one locale to another via coils—from outdoors to indoors—taking it from either the air, water, or ground, depending on what source-type pump you have. The majority of heat pumps we repair, install, and maintain are air-source heat pumps.

To cool your home, air conditioners and heat pumps actually work in the same manner. They both remove the heat from your inside air and transfer it outdoors, leaving behind the cool air for your home.

Heat pumps also differ from both furnaces and air conditioners in that furnaces and air conditioners each only have one function apiece. On the other hand, heat pumps are versatile and can both heat and cool, or simply cool.

If you lived in a northern region of the U.S., instead of here in Texas, you would need to supplement your heat pump’s heating capabilities with a furnace for times when temperatures drop below freezing.

Heat Pump Benefits

The most significant benefit of a heat pump is its energy efficiency. Since it does not burn fuel, but instead transfers heat, your energy consumption is very low—and so are your home’s energy bills. The heat pump actually creates up to three times more energy than it expends.

Another benefit is how environmentally friendly it is, barely leaving a carbon footprint. Yet another benefit is how cost-effective the pump is. By both not using fossil fuel and combining its heating and cooling elements into one unit, it saves on installation costs.

We Will Repair, Install, and Maintain Your Heat Pump

Call our KCA SERVICES Comfort Specialists when you need a repair for your heat pump. Our experts only work with the highest-quality parts and materials. If you are thinking of installing a heat pump in your current home or one you are building, talk to our professionals. It’s most advantageous to you to involve us from the beginning.

We can also help you maintain your heat pump. Regular twice-annual inspections and cleaning for a heating and cooling heat pump by our Comfort Specialists will keep your system operating at its highest efficiency. Only once a year is needed if your heat pump is only doing the cooling in your home.

The soundest avenue and wisest investment for your preventative maintenance is to participate in our KCA SERVICES Comfort Club. We will manage your maintenance details for you and have different levels to offer. Call us at 210-698-8520 today to learn more about it.

Need Heat Pump Service?

Contact the experts at KCA SERVICES.

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Heat Pump Repair in Boerne, TX 78006

“Joseph was extremely professional and personable. Very knowledgeable and was able to immediately identify the issue and correct it.”– Glenn B.

Heat Pump Repair in Boerne, TX 78006

“Fast. Friendly. Professional. Awesome. Would highly recommend!”

– Gavin B.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Boerne, TX 78006

“Joe is very professional & helpful. Appreciate his service.”

– Karen S.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Boerne, TX 78015

“Explained everything fully. Was very friendly. Great job!”

– Amberly W.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015

“Very helpful and informative. Very polite.”

– Jennifer R.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015

“Efficient and honest”

– Janet S.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Boerne, TX 78006

“Explained the thermostat options to me. Very knowledgeable about the unit. Installed surge protector and explained importance.”

– Shawn N.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Boerne, TX 78006

“Very satisfied with services”

– Fidencio B.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Boerne, TX 78006

“Pleasant – satisfactory!”

– Jeri A.

Heat Pump Maintenance in San Antonio, TX 78255

“Great job explaining everything!”

– Larry R.

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